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Express yourself with HomExpressive!

One of our top life goals is self-realization. Homexpressive team belives that your home space has to indicate your interests, tastes for design & interior, and it doesn’t have to take a long time to settle at the place. That is why we created a store where everyone can pick the right detail to polish the house look! Dont’t be afraid to make your house overloaded with decoration, because any detail that expresses your personality is on the right place at your house!
Shop the new arrivals according to the latest world trends! You dreamt of boho house without dust or a leaf decor easy to take care of? At HomExpressive you can unite with nature with the boho & leaf colletion – here’s the right way for stress-relief!
Decorate, renovate & cozy up with HomExpressive hottest sellers! Scratch-maps & wall calligraphy are a must-have at a trendy house & office. Explore the items with the finest quality only at our store! For making your life a bit easier, we gathered magnetic doors & pet flap doors with the cutest design ever! Your little pals will be amazed.
HomExpressive room decor collection includes picks for bathroom, bedroom, garden & lawn, kid’s room, kitchen, & living room. The timeless desire to integrate a part of your soul to any place you move meets our full sympathy & understanding here, at small decor category. Surely you should pick the right easy-removable & smart wall decoration, so get acquainted with our wall calligraphy & poster collection!
Home textile is the greatest art of cozyness. Shop now at Homexpressive for curtains & screens, linen, blankets, pillows, rugs & mats, seat covers. Renew your house for the best price & stay yourself with all the choices! No compromises in the process of home styling is what we support among our customers.
A smart home is what we dream of, what we like & repost at interior journal pages & never get a clue how to build one in your house, right? So, here is the recipe: find the greatest storage solutions for all the necessities, add best quality sensors, security & lighting, and a contemporary device to diffuse aroma & humidify the air. And here we are, enjoying the smartest trends at our home!

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